Saturday, April 6, 2019

How to install Pandoki in Kodi

See previous post about Firestick, but this should work on any Kodi installation.

1. Go to the main Pandoki page:
2. Download the repository zip from that page, Put it somewhere that you can find it later from Kodi. I have a network storage server that is accessible, so I put it there, this way I can easily install it on multiple Firesticks/Kodi installations.
3. In Kodi, go to Add-Ons, install from zip, install the gominoa repository zip file.
4. In Kodi, go to Add-Ons, install from repository, find the gominoa repository/Music Add-Ons/Pandoki, install.
5. If you get a message about script.module.mutagen not installed, download it from, then Add-Ons, install from zip, then repeat step 4.

yeah, Dale, look in the big hard drive, all that stuff is there, no need to download it again, and it looks like someone pulled the plug on the mutagen thing, but the one in the big hard drive works fine. On the upside, this post was the 2nd result on google for how to install pandoki!

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