Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hardy Heron woes... Acroread

One more WTF... I noticed today that Acroread is no longer available as a choice to open a pdf with. I checked synaptic, it's not installed. NOT INSTALLED! I had installed it previously, the upgrade removed it without asking. I know that it's not supported by Ubuntu since it's not free software, so it should be obvious that if it is installed, I must have done it on purpose, and removing it is just wrong. This is a lot like Xscreensaver, just gone without asking. I'm not sure that an "upgrade" that removes software that was installed on purpose is really doing the right thing.

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DC said...

I found this post that tells how to get Acroread to work in Hardy Heron. I hope it works for you (I'm doing it now as I type this):