Thursday, March 23, 2017

How to add a Photosphere image in Google Blogger

I searched around for quite a while and never did find a suitable answer about how to add a photosphere image to a page in Blogger. I took quite a few of these photos on a recent vacation and wanted to add them to one of my other blogs. Most of the articles I could find were way out of date and required an API key, Google Maps, Street View, and so on. I figured out this method, which is fairly straightforward but tedious if you have a lot of such images. This assumes your photosphere photos are already uploaded to Google photos.

  1. Open Google photos in web browser
  2. Find the photosphere image, it will have a little circular arrow in the top right corner
  3. Right click on the circle arrow and select copy link address
  4. In blogger, add the image from step 2 to your page.
  5. Switch to html editing
  6. Find the anchor tag for the image
  7. Replace the url (href) with the link copied from step 3
  8. Edit the caption to say something like 'click to see photosphere'
  9. Save the page

Now loading the page then clicking on the image will open that image in a photosphere viewer on

Here's an example using a picture I took of the Hickman natural bridge in Capitol Reef National Park:

Click for Photosphere

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