Tuesday, September 6, 2011

XFCE4 panel recovery

Every now and then the xfce4 panel will disappear. There are a number of bugs about this, but few solutions. I've gathered them here.

  1. Check if xfce4-panel is running. If not, start it using your user, just 'xfce4-panel' in a terminal window. That might do it.
  2. Remove ~/.config, log out, then log back in. That might do it. It might be overkill. Instead you might try deleting ~/.config/xfce4/panel, then log out and back in.
  3. Check ~/.config/xfce4/panel for a file named panel.xml. If you have one, delete it. Create a new one using this content:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE config SYSTEM "config.dtd">
           <property name="size" value="27"/>
           <property name="monitor" value="0"/>
           <property name="screen-position" value="10"/>
           <property name="fullwidth" value="1"/>
           <property name="xoffset" value="0"/>
           <property name="yoffset" value="996"/>
           <property name="handlestyle" value="0"/>
           <property name="autohide" value="0"/>
           <property name="transparency" value="25"/>
           <property name="activetrans" value="0"/>
            <item name="xfce4-menu" id="5"/>
            <item name="separator" id="6"/>
            <item name="launcher" id="10"/>
            <item name="launcher" id="11934103341"/>
            <item name="launcher" id="11934284041"/>
            <item name="actions" id="12"/>
            <item name="separator" id="11934162861"/>
            <item name="tasklist" id="11934220980"/>
            <item name="datetime" id="11934096510"/>

    Then log out and back in and the panels might reappear.

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