Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Elastic tab stops bug in jEdit

Rectangular selection is broken with elastic tab stops.

I started with some html.  The buffer settings are html edit mode, no word wrap, tab width 3, indent width 3, soft tabs are off, elastic tab stops are on.

Then I did regex search and replace.
Search for: </td><td
Replace with: </td>\t<td

Looks good:

I wanted to insert additional style in the "Example" column, so I put the caret between 'style="' and 'color' on the second line, then CS+click in the same place on the last line.  I get this:

Not so good.  I tried in the second column, with similar results.  Rectangular selection works in the first column, that is, before the first tab.

Just for fun, I typed an "x".  That's really bad.

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