Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I recently switched from xubuntu to Arch Linux. I'm still running xfce, so the change was fairly painless. Arch is way faster than ubuntu to start up and to shut down. Anyway, I needed to reinstall Pogoplug. I'd written a post previously about how to set it up so I can access my Cloudstor, but those instructions don't work for Arch. I started down that route and failed, so I may have done more than necessary.

I downloaded pogopluginstall-64.tar.gz from the Pogoplug website, which contains just pogoplugfs. I got this far:

sudo addgroup fuse
sudo usermod -a -G fuse $(id -u -n)
sudo mkdir /mnt/pogoplugfs
sudo chown root:fuse /mnt/pogoplugfs

When I tried to start pogoplugfs, I got an error that it couldn't find libfuse.so.2. It's there, so I googled some.

The steps for Arch are surprisingly simple -- there is already a package for it. I'm using 'packer' rather than 'pacman'.

sudo packer -S pogoplugd

This will install pogoplugfs and fuse. During the install, it failed to install pogoplugfs because the md5sum didn't check. I checked the PKGBUILD file, realized it is pulling the same pogopluginstall-64.tar.gz from the Pogoplug website that I'd already downloaded, so I ran the install again, opted to edit the PKGBUILD file, and inserted the md5sum for the file I'd already downloaded. That did it.

Starting pogoplugfs is the same as before:

pogoplugfs --username username --password secret --mountpoint /mnt/pogoplugfs

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