Monday, April 25, 2011


Cloudstor, how to set up for direct mount in Ubuntu

There are two main reasons I set up a direct mount for my Cloudstor:

1) I can copy large files (greater than 1 GB) directly to the Cloudstor. The web interface won't allow copying of large files. I suspect that's a browser limitation moreso than the Cloudstor web app.

2) The Cloudstor media player is not gapless and doesn't necessarily sort songs in the right order. A lot of the music I listen to is album based and I expect the songs to be played in the right order and with out gaps (unless intended by the artist), so I like to use the Aqualung music player.

I tested this with Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop.

1. Download the Linux pogoplugfs application from:

Unzip the pogoplugfs file to wherever you'd like.

2. Install fuse and associated helper files:

sudo apt-get install fusecram fusecompress-dbg fuseiso fusedav fusecompress fuse-utils fusefat fuseext2 fuseiso9660 fuse-zip hfsplus hfsutils-tcltk libhfsp0 libhfsp-dev hfsprogs hfsutils

3. Add your user to the fuse group:

sudo usermod -a -G fuse $(id -u -n)

Log out of Ubuntu and log back in. Open a new terminal window and enter:


Make sure "fuse" is listed as one of the groups you belong to.

4. Create a mount point for your Cloudstor:

sudo mkdir /media/cloudstor
sudo chown root:fuse /media/cloudstor
sudo chmod oug+w /media/cloudstor

5. Run the pogoplug application:

/path/to/pogoplugfs --user yourusername --password yourpassword --mountpoint /media/cloudstor

Use the username and password you use to log into the website.

I put this in a script and added it to my start up applications list.

Perhaps the best part about this is it works from anywhere. I can mount my Cloudstor drive as a local hard drive at work or when traveling, not just from within the local network at my house.

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