Monday, October 26, 2009

More about ringtones

So the ringtone that I spent most of Sunday afternoon trying to get on my phone is the famous "Go Pack Go" cheer played at Lambeau field. While this recording is in the public domain and can be found on several of the ringtone forums, those forums want people to jump through hoops for no particular reason. Why on earth would I want to post 5 items to some random forum that I have no interest in? The only reason I was there was because Google had found the ringtone there. I have no interest in a ringtone site, but to be able to download a ringtone, I have to post a certain number of times? I guess they are just trying to get more ad money rather than actually build a community. Other sites required my phone number so they could send me the ringtone. I don't have a data plan, so that doesn't do me any good, and there was no way to just download the ringtone. Lack of choice, I moved on. Finally, I found the mp3 at a site that just wanted a username and password, and I was able to download it.

So to save anyone else who might be looking for this, here are the files. One is an mp3, the other is a 3g2. Help your self, no hoop jumping required. Go Pack, Go!


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ChezNate said...

Thanks a bunch, I have been looking for that tone for some time now! Just installed via mp3 on my droid and it sounds great! Being a packer fan in illinois I do anything to peave off my co-workers. this should do the trick.

Thanks again for posting it.