Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So I have this little open source project named DbConsole. This is one of a handful of open source projects that I work on. You can find it at dbconsole.sourceforge.net. I started a new project on sourceforge over the weekend. Mostly, I started the new project so I have version control. This new project isn't one that I expect anyone will use, but what the heck, if someone does, that's great.

Anyway, I noticed that SF has a new default website for projects, so I checked DbConsole. It does not have the new spiffy SF page, it still has my original all text pages that still look good, IMHO. I clicked around for a bit since I hadn't done anything with DbConsole in a month or two, and happened to check the download stats. Wow! Over 60 downloads last month!

The original motivation for this project was I worked at a place where the network architecture was locked down pretty well. It was impossible to run one of the standard GUI db tools like Toad or one of the Eclipse db plugins on a desktop computer and get to the database. The only option was to ssh to a server in the sandbox, and from there you could get to the db. There was a really minimal Perl script to run queries, but since this was a Java shop, I wrote this command-line database app. I've since moved on from that company, but I still use this app. It's handy, light weight, and always works. There are enough features without being bloated. It's certainly not enough for a DBA, but for my occasional queries, it is enough.