Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hardy Heron woes... touch pad

I don't need the latest all the time, I just keep hoping one of these upgrades will fix some annoying issues. Having to restart X to use dual screen or clone screen is annoying, especially since Windows does this so well. I had hopes that the new Screen and Monitor applet would finally take care of this, but not for me. I had to install the proprietary ATI driver again to get dual screen working, and the applet doesn't do anything.

Another issue is that now I have to explicitly turn off the Synaptic touch pad on my laptop if I want to use an external mouse. That didn't have to be done before, I used to be able to use either one with no trouble. Now the external mouse doesn't work right if the touch pad is on.

Another problem, and I know this isn't an Ubuntu problem necessarily, is that Evolution continues to suck. I keep hoping that one day it will work well with Exchange, but not yet.

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