Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hardy Heron woes... Evolution, almost success!

A possible fix for this one... I ran across this excellent page:

This gives instructions to easily download the latest Evolution code and build it from scratch. So far so good, I've had Evolution running for about an hour without error, which is about 59 minutes longer than I was able to run with the Ubuntu release version. The latest that shows up in synaptic is 2.22.1, using the nifty make file from the link above gets me 2.23.4. This version is considerably more stable than 2.22.1, at least so far.

heh... I feel like I'm running Gentoo again...!


Darn. About an hour and a half, and the Evolution calendar is having problems. So the "fix" of building from scratch helped some, but not completely.


After running the compiled-from-source version of Evolution, I can say that it is at least usable. I restarted it 3 times yesterday. The problem seems to be in the calendar rather than the email, although some messages were unavailable due to the 'lost connection to back-end process' error. I should mention I'm using Evolution to connect to an MS Exchange server.

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